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It's really wonderful when you surround yourself with people who believe the same things that you do - amazing things can happen. A special shout-out to all our supporters - friends, family, sponsors and all!

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It's incredible how much time is involved in actually training on the bike - and it's a balance - a lifestyle balance - a mixture of give and take. Each friend and family member of this team has come through in so many ways - offering words of encouragement, offering to help where help is needed, and even picking up the load here and there and doing some physical work! If you guys weren't behind us we wouldn't be so far ahead. Thank you for your continued support.

As Title Sponsor, The Eat-Clean Diet™ is behind this team, every step of the way. Best-selling author Tosca Reno's philosophies and nutritional strategies are so in tune with what these women have to do to be successful in sport (and in life!). Planning, preparation, goal-setting, visualization, and positive thinking are all values that are respected and encouraged in the text found in her book series, The Eat-Clean Diet®. Not only that, but her Clean Eating principles are the key to unlimited sources of energy and efficient recovery. The Eat-Clean Diet® is a lifestyle - not a diet!

One of the worst experiences on a bike ride is bonking from a lack of nutrition or dehydration. Perhaps the second worst experience is not recovering properly after hard efforts on the bike. The women on this team are stepping up their commitment to cycling, putting more hours onto the bike and into training and still balancing a full work load and lifestyle. Nutrition is so important and making sure you're properly hydrated and nourished is key. e load™ and e mend™ will be supporting the efforts of The Eat-Clean Diet® Women's Cycling Team in the 2010 race season - their products assist endurance athletes during and after their training efforts to keep hydrated and well-nourished so they can   maximize from the benefits of their training regimen fully. Go to the e load™ website!

One of the things that this team is all about is facing fear in the face! All the women on the team balance families and careers, and are still willing to take the risk to venture into road cycling and do more than try!  Besides the normal ego issues attached with performance, these riders also deal with the real risks associated with cycling - traffic,  safety, dogs, getting lost and potential accidents.

SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger (SPOT) offers a direct way for the team to send check-in messages and updates via satellite links to friends and family to let them know where they are on the route and that they are OK. Should the team run into a life threatening emergency, with the push of a button, SPOT will notify the emergency rescue centre of their GPS location.

With the additional feature of SPOT Adventures, the team can also upload live satellite tracking of their route to share with friends, as well as provide corresponding training reports and pictures on their profile after each ride! With SPOT, "Team, Name"  can stay connected even beyond cell coverage! For more on SPOT:

Hoo-Ha Ride Glide™ from Reflect Sports, is a brand-new product just for women - and we are really excited to be working with them to spread the word! For a lot of developing and seasoned riders, putting a lot of time into the saddle causes discomfort from chaffing and saddle sores. Until now, there's never been a chamois cream created just for women! This chamois cream eases the pressure and provides a layer of protection that reduces chaffing and discomfort from riding. We want women to be aware that there are products out there to make their cycling experience a much happier one and we are committed to spreading the news!

This year, Hoo-Ha Ride Glide™ would like to give 15% of all sales referred by the team back to the team! So - if you're looking at ordering some chamois cream, quote this number and you'll be helping to support the team:

Being associated with the Gears Girls is a very exciting thing for the team. We really want to make it easier for women to get involved in organized bike racing. Our team understands that support and encouragement for new and developing racers is vital to their success. The Gears Girls offers a great club for riders who are just getting started, developing their cycling skills and building up their endurance and fitness on group rides. For those that want to take it to the next step, the Eat-Clean Diet® Women's Cycling Team is a great stepping stone into organized & competitive cycling. Our team riders will join Gears Girls club rides throughout the season and be available for advice and information to the Gears Girls riders.

Throughout the season we will be working with to film an insider's view of the women's road races in Ontario. The footage from these events will be made into actual training videos available on the website, - increasing the exposure to and for women's cycling. We're excited to help offer access to women's racing like no one has been able to do before!

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